Clients we are proud to work with.

  • Rob Waddell (audio recording, artwork)

    Rob Waddell (audio recording, artwork)

    Rob Waddell is a Winnipeg singer/songwriter. I recorded the CD The Mirror Made Me Do It (2009) at a cabin in Winnipeg Beach using Protools.  I designed the CD artwork in Photoshop and compiled the final artwork using Indesign.  The CD was printed and manufactured by our friends at Ironstone in Winnipeg.

    Tracks from “The Mirror Made Me Do it”

  • Rei Hotoda Apparitions Promotional Video

    Rei Hotoda Apparitions Promotional Video

    This short video was one of the first video projects I had worked on.  I was pleased with the result.  Dark, engaging relief. I thought it quite exciting being in the studio while filming Rei; watching her perform the pieces and seeing the intensity in the songs.  I was very blessed.  I also had a chance to see and meet Winnipeg film-maker Guy Madden a friend of Rei’s.  Very cool. Actually it’s quite funny as I was editing the footage I caught, I couldn’t help thinking that this bears a resemblance to some of Guy’s work (obviously not a good!).  I hope you enjoy it.

  • Signpost Music (web)

    Signpost Music (web)

    We initially developed a Wordpress website for Winnipeg recording label Signpost Music in 2007 and have been enhancing its features since then. The largest and most complex enhancement has been an integrated OSCommerce shopping cart. We have developed some custom PHPpages in the Wordpress website that feed products into the OSCommerce shopping cart, acting like a button cart.

    Click here to view the site online.

  • Our Mission Coffee (packaging)

    Our Mission Coffee (packaging)

    Product packaging for Our Mission Coffee. Label design and development. Incorporates a 3D Model rendering of a DC3 airplane as a consistant image on each label. The background and fonts change to reflect the country that the coffee is produced.

  • Our Mission Coffee (web)

    Our Mission Coffee (web)

    A little about Our Mission Coffee:
    Our Mission Coffee operates a multilevel marketing model that sells Fair Trade, Organically grown coffee to consumers in the U.S. , Canada & Australia.

    The Website:
    The website was designed using a Wordpress core, with some cool features. We needed to create a members only area that could interface with their existing shopping cart. This area would provide private messages to members of the company as well stats and company standings. The site also includes a subdomain rotator that essentially connects purchases made on the site back to the user associated with the subdomain.

    You can view the site here:

  • Our Mission Coffee (Identity)

    Our Mission Coffee (Identity)

    Our Mission Coffee was looking for a complete branding package.  Under the direction of Elliott Cunningham of Westgate Marketing I created the following brand for their company.
    The parent company of Our Mission Coffee: OMNI Group, LLC
    This simple 3 color swirl logo is meant to be easily recognizable and simple to reproduce on all forms of packaging, merchandising and promotional materials.
    Our Mission Coffee
    The logo and the company tag line.  The logo was a font style that was to give the essence of the working cooperative farmers producing the beans for sale.  There is a slight pattern used in the edges of the font that simulates the burlap bags used in transporting coffee beans.
    This tag line is the goal of Our Mission Coffee.  The cup and hand are used as another drop image on product packaging, and marketing materials.

  • Rei Hotoda

    Rei Hotoda

    I created a website for Rei Hotoda, Assistant Conductor for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Solo Pianist.

  • The Gifting & The Giver – Album Promotional Video

    The Gifting & The Giver – Album Promotional Video

  • Drumheller Circle Guitar Video for Steve Bell

    Drumheller Circle Guitar Video for Steve Bell

  • Music Video for Steve Bell & Fresh I.E.

    Music Video for Steve Bell & Fresh I.E.

    After the release of Steve Bell’s newest album Devotion (2008), I approached Signpost Music with an idea for a music video. Roaming around in my mind was an inspiration to use footage from the Prelinger Archive to create a backdrop for the video. As I engaged the idea and began to work with the footage using Final Cut Studio, the video seemed to take on a life of its own. We recruited musical colleague and rapper Fresh I.E. to add a rougher edge to the song and complement the urban feel of the video. I was given the unique opportunity of directing the video myself and recorded Fresh’s rap using Protools at Signpost Music Studios. Click here for more details of the music video.

  • Steve Bell (web)

    Steve Bell (web)

    I have had the enormous privilege of designing and developing the new website for Christian recording artist Steve Bell.

    Click here to view the site.

    Based on a Wordpress core, this social media monster is the beginning of a new direction for Steve and his recording label Signpost Music.

    Elliott Cunnigham (Westgate Marketing) was brought onto the team by late spring. With his marketing savvy and my design strengths, we have developed this distinct and dynamic interactive site.

    This site has proven to be a content king with its capacity to present the visitor with over ten distinct content sections. Furthermore, to enhance direct communication with his fans, Steve has begun a substantial email newsletter featuring up to five new articles relevant to his music.  This newsletter campaign has introduced me to a superior emailing list management company named Constant Contact .  I highly recommend this company as a resource for any client wishing to carry out an email campaign.  Their strength is definitely in quality and trust of service and they do offer some extensive developer APIs in order to really customize and interact with the client’s opt-ins and opt-outs.

    Another improvement from Steve’s previous site is the concert schedule, now built within Wordpress using the GigPress plugin.  Developed by Amphibian, this Wordpress concert and touring schedule is a great resource for any band or musical artist touring on a regular basis.  In addition to allowing the user to list upcoming performances, GigPress offers automatic creation of article or “post” content, interaction with Google Maps to find directions to the venue, and one-click ticket purchase with a direct link to your shopping cart.

    Using a subtle header approach, I incorporated some Flash design into Steve’s website theme (which, by the way, is based on the Open Air theme by Woothemes). The rotating header images represent the three facets of Steve Bell’s musicianship: Solo PerformerWith Band Performer and Symphony Performer.  The soft images I chose do not overpower the visitor’s eyes yet still provide an effective way to incorporate much more information about the singer/songwriter than could be conveyed in one page.

    Overall, user feedback for the new website has been overwhelmingly positive. I am pleased with the clean, artistic and professional look we achieved while maximizing the content available to users.