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What does your website really mean to your business.



Your website is more than just an advertisement for your business, it’s your TV station!

I hope to inspire more clients to see the truth in that statement.  Never before have we seen a medium that can deliver on all levels.  What does a TV station do, they produce content, that’s the secret to activity on your site (increased traffic, longer on site, and greater referrals) If you want your content to go viral you need content.  The reality of marketing is that it takes an average of 10 interactions with your brand before a potential customer turns the corner, and becomes your customer.  Let’s view your website as the portal to deliver those interactions with the public.

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Is your website working?

There are some specific things you want to see your website doing.  You want it provide an point of discovery for new and interested potential customers/clients. You want your site to engage existing customers or clients on a regular basis.

Some people either:

a) forget about there trusted and faithful clients only thinking of the web as a advertisement to lure prospects,

or  b) they cater exclusively to existing clients and forget that people are constantly searching for information on or about there business or service.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you see a regular stream of people coming to your website and interacting with your content.
  2. What percentage of people on your site are existing clients/customers and what percentage are new to you?
  3. How can these people interact with you?

How can I help you?

As an independant web developer I am always looking to share my expertise with small business.  With my low overhead I charge at least 50% less than the major competitors.

Please submit the contact form below and let me see if I can help your business reach the goals you have for your website.


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