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Director’s Notes on Everything We Need Music Video

In my first listen to Everything We Need, I was inspired to create a piece of art that would do justice to the musical and lyrical components of the song while satisfying my growing drive to depict the abundant joy and richness we find in this world through God without having all the “things.” This is intended to be a simple, beautiful retelling of an old story. Everything We Need redirects us to this truth: God is our joy and in Him we are found.

The Prelinger Archive was the visual stimulus for me. This archive is a rights-free, open-source video collection with an astonishing library of titles to view. When I reviewed the films, one in particular caught my eye. This ended up being the main inspiration and catalyst behind the creation of the music video.


I wanted to depict the physical decay of an inner city landscape. I wanted to build a relationship between the viewer and the apparent idiosyncratic sense of joy and abundance expressed by those who dwell within that same physical impoverishment. Culturally, it would seem that we have a tendency to focus on material gain; perhaps it could be said that we have a growing propensity to equate materialism with our overall sense of delight and success in this life. To challenge this very propensity, the Prelinger footage became the perfect visual backdrop for the music created by Steve and Fresh.


It was the grittiness of the film that brought Fresh to mind. He lives in that inner city landscape and has made it his life mission to bring a message of hope into places of despondency and despair. Long story short – I called him, he was excited and gave it a shot. The first idea didn’t nail it, but the second one was a ringer. When I heard the rap Fresh brought into the studio, I knew this was going to work. His voice added strength and experience to my vision for the video and sparked the passion lying in Steve’s unwrinkled vocals. Complementing the Prelinger footage, Steve and Fresh performed the song embodying two entirely different personas, together richly telling the story of God’s love and provision.

I hope you can see the beauty in this simplicity and be intrigued to live in that juxtaposition daily.

– Jeff Lukin