Terms and Conditions

About the “themes” and “video projects” on this site:

  • The themes displayed on this site are not sold to you by New Hierarchy, Jeff Lukin Design.
  • Themes and VideoProjects are are purchased from theme retailers online for your personal/business use and are restricted to one application.
  • I am selling personalization of websites (php, css and website development) and personalization of video projects (After Effects editing, customization, development) to any of these mentioned themes.

Limitations and Restrictions

  • Content may be restricted to 10 pages, and 10 posts for the personalization of the theme.  Cost for additional posts or pages can be negotiated.
  • Content restrictions will be judged by New Hierarchy, Jeff Lukin Design and at our own discretion.
  • In the case of an online store, product insertion will be limited to 20 products total.  Cost for additional products can be negotiated.
  • In the case of a real-estate theme, listings will be limited to 10 items. Cost for additional listings can be negotiated.